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          Kwong Hing plaster decoration materials plant, the Department is currently the sole owner of two businesses gypsum plant, the plant is located in Guangdong Pearl River Delta, Foshan and Guangzhou City at the junction, the country has long been known and largest Foshan Nanhai Yanbu turn develop area city decorative plywood, Plant is located in Heshun and Guangxi industrial Park, next to the West.

          The factory over the years to excel in school and enterprising up factories in purpose, the accumulation of years of work experience, the formation of today has a huge productivity, sculpture, mold, production, design, decoration works supporting manufacturers, its good strength gypsum products, uniform thickness , color white glossy surface pattern clear, strong sense of three-dimensional, tough rally, construction performance and with fire, corrosion, decay, moisture, heat insulation, sound insulation and many other advantages, the construction can be sawn, to planing, nailing, You can stick, can make arbitrary use of harm to human mK, the national science and technology supervision departments test and a large number of engineering applications show that products reach the world advanced level. It is one of the best decorative materials. Building materials quality inspection center, the technology index are in line with national standards, is a green building materials, China BrandName. Our constant pursuit of product quality improvement and development of new products, open up international markets to foreign exports. We won a lot of foreign customers and merchants praise and trust.

          Our products are fashionable color printing on everything, welcome to contact customers around the business, the factory adhere to the quality first, the credibility of the supremacy of the operating principles and dedication to provide our clients with quality products and excellent service.